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Commonwealth v. R.P. Client charged with Simple Assault and related offenses for allegedly smashing a bottle over head of bar patron. Assualt charges dismissed. Guilty of public drunkenness.

Commonwealth v. Y.M. Client found not guilty on retail theft charge.

Commonwealth v. R.R. Misdemeanor charges of Escape and DC dismissed. Client pleaded to summaries.

Commonwealth v. M.N. Client charged with Aggravated Assault and related offenses for allegedly stabbing another with a knife eight times. Plea to simple assault (M3). All other charges dismissed. Client served less than 2 months.

Commonwealth v. S. K. Charges of Simple Assault and Harassment dismissed.

Commonwealth v. J.M. Client charged with Aggravated Assault, Strangulation, Sex Assault, and related charges. All charges dismissed.

Commonwealth v. B. H. Simple assault charges dismissed. State parole violation dismissed.

Commonwealth v. L. H. Misdemeanor Terroristic Threats and related charges dismissed.

Commonwealth v. T.A. Hearing before the PA State Parole Board. Parole violation dismissed. Client released from prison and continued on parole.

Commonwealth v. D.V. Misdemeanor charges of Theft and Criminal Mischief dismissed.

Commonwealth v. M. L. Client charged with Felony firearms offense and faced a standard sentencing range of 3 years in state prison. Plea to a misdemeanor and sentenced to 3 months county work release.

Commonwealth v. G. S. Simple Assault and Harassment charges withdrawn. Plea to summary disorderly conduct.

Commonwealth v. J.G. Mandatory DUI sentence of 90 days in jail reduced to 5 days.

Client had approximately $30K seized by police during a traffic stop on Route 78. Within 24 hours of retaining us, the police agreed to release all of the money and return it to client.

Commonwealth v. J.L. Client faced a standard range of 3 years in state prison sentenced to probation.

Client retained DONOHUE LAW in the middle of a sexual assault investigation. We were able to prove there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. No charges filed.

Commonwealth v. J.H. Emergency petition to quash/lift probation warrant for violation granted. Client remains out of jail.

C/W v. R.M. Two counts of Simple Assault (M2) and Harassment (S) withdrawn.

Commonwealth v. M.H. Speeding 15 MPH over the limit. Reduced to 5 MPH over. No points.

Commonwealth v. L.S. Traffic citation for overweight commercial vehicle. $9,400.00 fine reduced to $500.