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Donohue Law, LLC represents clients in the Allentown, PA area who are facing any type of criminal charge, including violent crimes or gun charges. Everyone deserves effective legal representation, regardless of their charge. Attorney Donohue can build a strong domestic violence or murder defense-arrange a consultation today.

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Call Donohue Law right away if you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Allentown, PA. Attorney Donohue represents clients who are facing violent crime or gun charges, including:

Domestic violence

Possession of a firearm with obliterated marks

Aggravated assault

Carrying a firearm without a license




A criminal charge doesn't have to determine your future. Meet with attorney Donohue today-he'll gather the evidence to build a strong case. Call Donohue Law to schedule an appointment with a trusted attorney who focuses on violent crimes, gun charges and murder defense in Allentown, PA.